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Wu stem cell medical center hospital introduction video.avi

Stem Cell Medical Center | Posted by admin
Aug 04 2011

Visit us at for more information on stem cell treatment in Beijing, China. You can also email us at or

Day +22

Stem Cell Clinic | Posted by admin
Aug 04 2011

Ann talks about starting treatment at the stem cell clinic

Stem Cell Series: Part 1

Stem Cell Treatment | Posted by admin
Aug 04 2011

26-year old Jonathan Dieleman has an easy smile and a tireless work ethic.

Michael Savage…Embryonic Stell Cell Research…Part 2

Stell Cell Research | Posted by admin
Aug 04 2011

3-10-09. Part 2 of 3 part talk of Michael Savage on Obama's presidential order to allow embryonic stem cell research.

Stem Cell Therapy for Cerebral Palsy – Holly Catalano

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Aug 02 2011

Holly is now able to crawl and sit up on her own just 7 weeks after her second treatment for cerebral palsy at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama. Her physical therapist now says that Holly will walk without braces or a walker and her neurologist was very impressed by her overall decrease in tone since her return from Panama.

University of Melbourne announce Stem Cells Discovery

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Jul 29 2011

Researchers have completed the study by using skin biopsies from patients with the rare genetic disease Friedreich Ataxia (FA). The discovery will allow for the development of new treatments for FA and related conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. For more information, see the following websites: University of Melbourne Stem Cell Laboratory: Monash Institute of Medical Research: Friedreich Ataxia Research Association: Friedreich Ataxia Research Alliance: Credits Produced by Rebecca Scott Camera by Clive Banfield Editing by Rob Cross, Corporate Video Video of heart cells provided courtesy of: Duncan E Crombie

Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS): Stem Cell Therapy – A Patient’s Perspective

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Jul 23 2011

(Part 7 of 8) Dan Desmond, spoke at the "Spotlight on Disease Team Awards: ALS," an educational event presented at the CIRM Governing Board meeting on June 23, 2010.

WAVE3 News Adipose Stem Cell Therapy

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Jul 20 2011

Cooper, a 7-year-old Golden Retriever, had a torn ACL in both sides of his hinds - or knees. He had fat-derived stem cell therapy performed at Finchville Animal Clinic using MediVet America's new in house stem cell procedure kit.

Stem Cell Therapy–Hillcrest Animal Hospital

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Jul 14 2011

Hillcrest Animal Hospital, Bartlett, doing in house stem cell therapy to relieve clinical signs of arthritis in dogs To learn more about stem cell therapy and how its helping animals across the United States, visit

Documentary: Stem Cell Therapy for Muscular Dystrophy – Ryan Benton’s Story

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Jun 28 2011

This story documents Ryan Benton's most recent trip from his home in Wichita, Kansas to the Stem Cell Institute in Panama City, Panama to receive stem cell therapy for muscular dystrophy. Follow Ryan as he lands at Tocumen International airport, receives treatment and returns home.

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