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Nov 13 2018

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If you have pain, we're here to help. Regenexx Procedures are patented stem cell and blood platelet procedures that are used to treat a wide range of joint and spine conditions.

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The Regenexx family of non-surgical stem-cell & blood platelet procedures are next generation regenerative injection treatments for those who are suffering from shoulder pain due to arthritis, rotator cuff and shoulder labrum tears, overuse injuries, and other degenerative conditions. Regenexx is also a viable alternative for those considering shoulder replacement surgery.

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Commonly Treated Conditions:

Shoulder Procedure Video

Regenexx Procedures are advanced stem cell and blood platelet procedures for foot and ankle conditions. Before you consider ankle surgery, fusion or replacement, consider the worlds leading stem cell and prp injection treatments.

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Commonly Treated Conditions:

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The Regenexx family of non-surgical stem-cell & blood platelet procedures are next generation regenerative injection treatments for those who are suffering from pain or reduced range of motion due to basal joint / cmc arthritis, hand arthritis, or other injuries & conditions in the hand.

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The Regenexx family of non-surgical stem cell and blood platelet procedures offer next-generation injection treatments for those who are suffering from knee pain or may be facing knee surgery or knee replacement due to common injuries, arthritis, overuse and other conditions.

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Commonly Treated Conditions:

ACL Procedure Video In-Depth with Dr. John Schultz ACL Procedure Video

The Regenexx family of non-surgical stem-cell & blood platelet procedures are next generation regenerative injection treatments for those who are suffering from pain, inflammation or reduced range of motion due tocommon elbow injuries, arthritis and overuse conditions.

Commonly Treated Conditions:

The Regenexx family of hip surgery alternatives are breakthrough, non-surgical stem-cell treatments for people suffering from hip pain due to common injuries, hip arthritis & other degenerative problems related to the hip joint.

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Commonly Treated Conditions:

Hip Labrum Procedure Video Hip Avascular Necrosis Procedure Video

Regenexx has many non-surgical platelet and stem cell based procedures developed to help patients avoid spine surgery and high dose epidural steroid side effects. These procedures utilize the patients own natural growth factors or stem cells to treat bulging or herniated discs, degenerative conditions in the spine, and other back and neck conditions that cause pain.

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Commonly Treated Conditions:

Intradiscal Procedure Video

Regenexx has many non-surgical platelet and stem cell based procedures developed to help patients avoid spine surgery and high dose epidural steroid side effects. These procedures utilize the patients own natural growth factors or stem cells to treat bulging or herniated discs, degenerative conditions in the spine, and other back and neck conditions that cause pain.

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Commonly Treated Conditions:

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Tomorrow Doctor Stem Cell Therapy for Pain

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Nov 13 2018

Imagine being able to enjoy a round of golf, play with your grandkids, or take that long-overdue trip, in less time than expected!Stem cells permit the body to renew and repair its damaged tissues. In this capacity stem cells also have the potential to treat ailments such as the neurological disorders, heart disease, or diabetes. This has opened the exciting field of cell-based therapies, otherwise known as reparative or regenerative medicine.With the Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy, you can live the life you want to live again!

Joe Rogan & Mel Gibson discuss Stem Cell therapy

Breaking News - Stem Cell therapy help regain vision

Meredith Vieira And Richard Cohen Talk About Chasing Hope and Stem Cell For MS | TODAY

Meredith Vieira And Richard Cohen Talk About Chasing Hope and Stem Cell For The View | ABC

By using human cell and tissue products to create an optimal internal healing environment it gives patients and professionals new treatment options that werent available just a few years ago.

In order to be effective, you have to put in the work. Thats why Predictive insists on the rigorous research behind every product we develop. By going the extra step to identify the optimal tissue source from which to derive our human cell and tissue products (HCT/Ps), we hope to better support the bodys natural regenerative environment, and aid in its repair. Each of our four signature products has years of research behind it, is thoroughly tested, verified by independent parties and meticulously handled from our own labs to medical offices nationwide. Why? Because our products have a purpose thats bigger than just business: to help heal everybody.

Considering all the controversy surrounding stem cells you might have missed hearing about a number of the advantages for your[...]

What is Prolotherapy? Chronic pain is a very common and unspecific symptom in the current society. In fact, at least[...]

Cells from the Body

The human body contains over 200 kinds of cells, and each of those cell types originates in your zygote, the only cell that forms when an egg is fertilized by a sperm. In a couple of days, that cell divides and over again till it creates a blastocyst, a hollow ball of 150 to 200 cells that provide rise to each and every cell form a body should survive, including the umbilical cord and the placenta that nourishes the developing fetus.

Fundamental cell biology

Every cell type has its own dimensions and structure suitable for its own job. Skin cells, as an instance, are both small and streamlined, whilst neural cells that let you wiggle your feet have, branching nerve fibers called axons that run electrical impulses.

Cells with similar performance form tissues and cells organize to form organs. Every cell has its own task inside the tissue where it's found, and each the cells within a tissue and organ function together to be sure that the organ functions correctly.

Irrespective of their size or arrangement, all of human cells begin with these items in common:

A nucleus which includes DNA, the genetic catalog for the full body. Various cells take out various directions from the DNA, based on which those cells are intended to perform. Your DNA determines virtually everything in your entire body, from the colour of your eyes into a blood type and how vulnerable you are to particular ailments. Some diseases and ailments, such as colour blindness, are also passed through DNA.

Cytoplasm -- the liquid outside the nucleus. The cytoplasm includes various components which produce the substances that the mobile needs to perform its job.

The cell membrane -- the top layer of the cell, a intricate structure which receives and sends signals from different cells also allows material in and outside of the cell phone. Cells need to have the ability to communicate with operate together in cells and organs. Most cells split. Soon before branch, the DNA replicates and the cell divides into twodaughtercells. Each includes a complete replica of the first cell's DNA, cytoplasm and cell membrane.

About stem cells Stem cells are the basis of growth in plants, animals and people. In humans, there are lots of distinct kinds of stem cells which come from various areas in your system or are formed at various times in our own lives. These include embryonic stem cells which exist only in the first phases of growth and various kinds of tissue-specific (or even mature)stem cells which arise during embryonic growth and stay in our bodies during life.

Stem cells are characterized by two attributes:

They can create copies of these, or self-renew They could distinguish, or create, into more specialized cells Beyond both of these items, however, stem cells differ a whole lot in their behaviours and capacities.

Embryonic stem cells are pluripotent, meaning that they are able to create all the body's cell types but cannot create support constructions such as the placenta and umbilical cord.

Other tissues are multipotent, meaning that they could create a few distinct cell types, commonly in a particular organ or tissue.

As the body ages and develops, the quantity and kind of stem cells varies. Totipotent cells are no more present after dividing to the cells which create the placenta and umbilical cord. Pluripotent cells contribute to the cells that compose the human body's organs and cells. The stem cells which remain in your body during your lifetime are tissue-specific, and there's proof that these cells change as you get older, also -- your own skin stem cells in age 20 will not be precisely the same as the skin stem cells in age 80.

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Tomorrow Doctor Stem Cell Therapy for Pain

Top Rated Stem Cell Injections Doctors / Surgeons NYC

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Nov 13 2018

Our NYC orthopedic surgeons are medical doctors who have gained specialist qualifications in sport medicine and orthopedic surgery and hold best in class qualifications. We provide expert diagnosis and management of all musculoskeletal injuries for both elite and recreational athletes but also acute and overuse injuries that occur at work or during everyday activities for patients all patients of all ages.

Please note: A doctors referral is NOT necessary from a General Practitioner to see our sports medicine or orthopedic surgery specialists for a consultation, 2nd opinion, or for treatment at our orthopedic practice including surgery and stem cell injections, cortisone injections, cartilage grafting, gel injections, or platelet-rich plasma injections or PRP injections.

We offer full-out of network insurance benefits (we will contact your insurance company and submit for you). You will enjoy the luxury and benefit of academic medicine in a top rated concierge environment without the hassle of long hospital waiting room times and paperwork. Most policies reimburse patients for most of the cost of surgery. Our surgical coordinator will help you with a quote.

We are proud to offer our patients state-of-the-art biologics that can aid in rapid recovery which presentspossible alternatives to surgical orthopedic procedures:

Stem Cell Therapy: Stem cells have shown exceptional promise in the treatment of orthopedic injuries. They are cells that have retained the ability to become many different types of cells. Because these cells can theoretically be utilized to grow new cartilage, bone or even organs, a substantial amount of research today is being directed at learning how these cells function.

The surgeons at Glashow orthopedics believe that the future of sports medicine and orthopedic surgery lies in the field of OrthoBiologics. Put simply, OrthoBiologics seeks to accelerate healing and recovery by maximizing the bodys ability to heal itself. Future treatments will be focused on providing an optimal environment for the healing process, allowing for faster recoveries and the regeneration of lost tissue. For this reason, our surgeons have embraced the latest Stem Cell and Orthobiologics techniques to offer our New York patients state of the art care and improved outcomes.

Stem Cells are commonly found in three places:

1. Bone Marrow 2. Adipose (Fat) tissue 3. Cord Blood

Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells: Stem cells are located in all of the long bones, including the pelvis, femur, tibia and humerus. Bone Marrow derived stem cells are currently considered the best option for orthopedic procedures, because they are more closely related to bone and cartilage. They can be harvested through simple, minimally invasive procedures performed in the office or in the operating room. Once the cells are retrieved, they are taken to a special machine that removes other types of cells and are concentrated into a serum. This serum can then be injected into joints, fractures or muscle and tendon injuries.

Once inside the body, the stem cells are activated by growth factors. Growth factors are chemicals inside the human body that are responsible for directing the injury repair process. Growth factors occur naturally at areas of injury, or can be injected along with stem cells as part of a Platelet Rich Plasma preparation. (Insert hyperlink to prp) The growth factors tell the stem cells what type of cell to become.

Adipose Derived Stem Cells: Fat contains an even higher concentration of stem cells than bone marrow. These cells, however, are different from the ones found in bone marrow, and are easier to direct to become soft tissue cells, making them more ideal for general and plastic surgery applications. To get adipose derived stem cells to become bone or cartilage, special chemicals need to be added to the serum, making them less desirable for use in orthopedic injuries. These cells are harvested by removing some fat from the belly area, making the procedure very popular among most patients!

Cord Blood Stem Cells: These cells are harvested from the umbilical cord and placenta immediately following birth. Pregnancy is required to obtain these cells, but they are the most flexible cell type, being able to form nearly any other cell. For this reason, Cord Blood banking has become a popular option for new parents. The cells are harvested and cryogenically preserved in the event they will be needed later to treat a disease.

IRAP (Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein): This protein is often confused with Stem Cells, and has been made popular recently by several high-profile professional athletes who have attempted to use it to extend their careers (Kobe Bryant hyperlink).

The inflammatory cytokine InterLeukin-1 (IL-1) has been implicated as an inducer of osteoarthritis in joints, playing a key role in the acceleration of soft tissue destruction. IL-1 is currently thought to be the primary mediator of breakdown of articular cartilage in diseased joints. IL-1 Receptor Antagonist (IL-1RA), a small glycoprotein and a competitive inhibitor of IL-1, is thought to bind to IL-1 and halt its ability to further injure the joint. IRAP (InterLeukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein) is a blood product created by incubating a patients blood for 24 hours in glass beads, then eluting and centrifuging the end product. It closely resembles PRP and is, in effect, a liquid NSAID, blocking the IL-1 mediate inflammatory pathway. In other words, IRAP is equivalent to liquid Motrin and will reduce pain and inflammation in the joint, but will do nothing to assist with healing or regeneration of tissue. For this reason, the surgeons at Glashow Orthopedics do not currently offer this procedure.

Cartilage Grafting:Cartilage grafting is a surgical procedure offered by our Upper East Side NYC orthopedic surgeons that replaces damaged cartilage with healthy cartilage. Cartilage grafting is performed to correct joint deformities and restore the weight-bearing capability of the affected joint.Cartilage grafting is indicated in patients with articular cartilage damage in the joint to restore normal functioning of the joint. We have used stem cell therapy for conditions of the shoulder, knee, and more.

Hylgan / Hyuloron Injections / Gel Injections:Hyaluronan is one of the components of synovial fluid, which lubricates and acts as a shock absorber within the knee joint.The main benefit of having an hylagan / hyuloron injection is that it supplements and/or replaces the synovial fluid within the knee-joint. Originally intended for patients with osteoarthritis of the knee it is also of value to our sports injury and knee patients and can result in relief from pain for up to 6 months.

Platelet-rich plasma injections or PRP injections:Platelet-rich plasma injections or PRP injections utilize the patients own blood platelets to promote rapid healing of wounds and soft tissue disorders as an alternative option to various necessary orthopedic surgery. PRP injections have been successfully used to help heal tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints. Our Orthopedic surgeons will determine if you are a candidate for this cutting edge procedure. In clinical studiesPRP injections are showing measurable results of improved function and decreased pain in clinical studies. The healthy platelets are derived from the cells in your bone marrow along with red blood cells and plasma. In order to undergo PRP injections, the patients blood is drawn into a tube which is then spun or centrifuged to create the platelet-rich plasma. The platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the injured area under local anesthesia.

Our team of orthopedic surgeons, specialty nurses, physiotherapists and support staff are dedicated to managing your specific orthopedicsurgery and working together to ensure your needs are exceeded from consultation to following surgical discharge. Our goal is to deliver premium orthopaedic care using the latest techniques and advancements to achieve the best outcomes and help people return to pain-free, functional lives. Please read some of ourNYC Orthopedic Surgeons Top Reviews.

Our orthopedic surgeons pride ourselves with providing you highly personalized and comprehensive surgical fracture care. Our philosophy of direct doctor to patient care at every visit has made us one of the most trusted and respected practices on the Upper East Side in NYC. Feel free to contact us today, at any time, and start yourself on the road to recovery.

Dr. Jonathan Glashow, MD 737 Park Ave # 1C New York, NY 10021 (212) 794-5096

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Top Rated Stem Cell Injections Doctors / Surgeons NYC

Stem Cell Therapy | Florida Orthopaedic Institute

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Nov 13 2018

By Name Armaghani, Sheyan J, M.D. Baker, Christopher E., M.D. Barna, Steven A., M.D. Beatty, Ellen , M.D. Bernasek, Thomas L., M.D. Clare, Michael P., M.D. Davison, Thomas M., M.D. Echols, Jr., Eddy L., M.D. Epting, Timothy C., D.O. Frankle, Mark A., M.D. Garcia, Michael J, M.D. Garlick, Grant G, M.D. Gasser, Seth I, M.D. Grayson, Christopher W, M.D. Gustke, Kenneth A, M.D. Herscovici, Jr., Dolfi , D.O. Hess, Alfred V., M.D. Infante, Jr., Anthony F, D.O. Jackson, Howard B, M.D. Lindbloom, Benjanmin J., M.D. Lyons, Steven T, M.D. Maxson, Benjamin J, D.O. Mighell, Mark A, M.D. Mir, Hassan R, M.D., M.B.A. Miranda, Michael A, D.O. Morse, Adam C, D.O. Nydick, Jason A, D.O. Palumbo, Brian T, M.D. Pappou, Ioannis P, M.D. Ramirez, Jr., John D., D.C. Reina, David A, D.C. Saatman, Donna A, M.D. Samad, Adil A, M.D. Sanders, Roy W., M.D. Sellman, Jeff E, M.D. Shah, Anjan R, M.D. Small, John M., M.D. Stone, Jeffrey D, M.D. Tresser, Steven J., M.D. Walling, Arthur K., M.D. Watson, David T., M.D. Weinstein, Marc A., M.D. Yi, Seung Jin, M.D. Zaffer, Syed M., M.D.

By Specialty All Specialties Arthritis & Adult Reconstruction Surgery Chiropractic Elbow Foot, Ankle & Lower Leg General Orthopaedics Hand & Wrist Hip & Thigh Interventional Spine Knee & Leg Musculoskeletal Oncology Orthopaedic Trauma Primary Care Sports Medicine Robotics Shoulder Spine Sports Medicine

By Locations All Locations Bloomingdale Brandon Brooksville Citrus Park North Tampa - Temple Terrace Northdale Palm Harbor South Tampa Sun City Center Wesley Chapel

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Stem Cell Therapy | Florida Orthopaedic Institute

Celebration Stem Cell Centre – A private umbilical cord …

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Nov 06 2018

The Celebration Stem Cell Centre (CSCC) is located in Gilbert, Arizona. CSCC offers processing and banking of Private umbilical cord blood, Whartons jelly stem cells, Public cord blood donations, Adipose tissue, Adipose stem cells, Dental pulp stem cells and other adult stem cells. CSCC also offers services for Contract Manufacturing, Contract Research and development and submission of IRB proposals based on our clients research needs.

CSCC will meet the ever increasing need for public cord blood banking by being the first facility in Arizona to collaborate with hospitals throughout the state to process and bank umbilical cord blood donations.

Cord blood stem cells are currently being used to treat over 80 different diseases. Our goal at CSCC is to ensure that people who are afflicted from these diseases will have access to the highest quality umbilical cord blood stem cell units available for treatment either through our cord blood donation program or by privately banking these cells for use by their own family.

In addition, through a comprehensive public awareness campaign, we will reveal the facts about stem cell therapy. We hope to empower the public with this knowledge and encourage them to start conversations with their peers, doctors and political representatives. Many of the top translational stem cell researchers believe that cord blood stem cells can be used for many different medical applications.

I chose Celebration Stem Cell Centre because my daughters stem cells could provide a medical solution for her life or others! -Jenn, Gilbert, AZ

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Celebration Stem Cell Centre - A private umbilical cord ...

Americans Heading to Costa Rica For Stem Cell Treatments

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Nov 06 2018

Americans are herding to Costa Rica for stem cell treatments

The stories are starting to come in the man with the heart attack, now with a stem cell transplant, his glands can now generate insulin. The Florida parents of 7-year-old, who has autism, are taking him to Costa Rica at the end of this month for adult stem cell treatments.

Success stories have grabbed international media attention, with cable and TV networks jumping on the bandwagon by running stories like Paralyzed valley woman holds hope in Costa Rica treatment and Glenburn boy returns from Costa Rica after having adult stem cell therapy.

Adding to the hype of stem cell treatment, back in March, 2009 US President Barack Obama issued an executive order that lifted Bush-era restrictions on federal funding for stem cell research, but much of the treatment is still a long way off, experts say. With all this media attention, and America still in the Black Ages, the list of Americans seeking stem cell treatment in Costa Rica has tripled in the last year.

But the media and presidential endorsement of treatments (well at lease to a point) has made doctors in the U.S. nervous for the obvious reasons.

Its common knowledge that overall Costa Ricas medical tourism and the use of their wellness centers has doubled and tripled. Now the number of foreigners seeking and undergoing stem cell treatment in Costa Rica for ailments from bone fractures to multiple sclerosis has doubled. Costa Rican doctors say they are providing these medical tourists with groundbreaking treatments.

But I would not jump on the next plane to Costa Rica, stem cell scientists in the U.S. accuse Costa Rica of offering false hope by pushing techniques that have not been scientifically proven.

But it has not stopped Costa Rican legislators because they are putting the finishing touches on a law to promote and regulate adult stem cell research and treatment across a spectrum of diseases. Obviously, this could fuel further debate over techniques that U.S. doctors say have only produced anecdotal success but it certainly has not stop the flow of stem cell medical tourism.

Americans already make up close to 90 percent of the stem cell patients at CIMA Hospital. Dr. Fabio Solano who directs the stem cell institute at San Joses CIMA Hospital, one of the countrys leading private hospitals says his team has treated as many as 400 patients with procedures that involve stem cells.

However in Costa Rica, Catholicism is the state religion, working with human embryos is out of the question. So there is contentious debate around stem cells by prohibiting work with human embryos and instead promoting research on whats known as adult stem cells derived from tissue including body fat and umbilical blood or tissue.

Like most medical tourism in Costa Rica it is not really regulated by any Medical Institution or FDA, or are doctors subject to outrageous malpractice premiums, the cost for medical treatments, substance abuse, plastic surgery or dental work can be as much as 70% less.

In the case of stem cells treatments for MS in the U.S offers from university labs in guinea pig treatments range into the $100,000 to $150,000 where in Costa Rica the same treatment can be as low as $10,000.

A December 2008 study by the journal Cell Stem Cell found that international stem cell treatment hovers around an average of $20,000.

Calypso Cruises

Americans Heading to Costa Rica For Stem Cell Treatments

Personalized Regenerative Medicine

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Oct 15 2018

I am continuing to get results: For 8 months I could not stress my left knee with squats or leg presses. The last 2 days (5 & 6th day on Stemgevity) I said what the hell, my knee feels so go good, I will give it a shot and do some one legged presses with my previously damaged knee (it has been 8 months and it just would not take that kind of stress).

So, for the last 2 days in a row I have been doing them with heavy weight. Unbelievable -completely pain-free during and after, and no soreness the next day. Just incredible. I have been taking every exotic natural product under the sun to heal it and the Stemgevity did it, made it happen. It is completely well playing racquet ball with full stress on it and no problems no soreness and no pain. My energy levels are way up and you feel kind of a glow. I can work long hard days at age 65 and at the end of the day, I still feel great. I might as well be 20. This is perfect as our business is intense (selling bank repo homes at high volume) and I simply have to keep up. Also, I had bad strep throat and a chronic knee and shoulder -and yes, the shoulder is now pain free and no longer tight after playing intense racquetball. Again, amazing.

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Personalized Regenerative Medicine

Stem Cell Doctors Delaware, Stem cell injections, Stem cell …

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Oct 15 2018

Stem cells are a particular sort of cells that have the capacity to repeat and recover themselves inside the human body. Grown-up mesenchymal foundational microorganisms work as a sort of interior repair framework, having the capacity to separate to recharge different cells. These regenerative cells have the one of a kind ability to remain an undifferentiated cell or turn into another sort of cell with a particular capacity inside the human body, for example, bone, ligament, muscle or skin cells. Given their great and extraordinary regenerative nature, fat inferred regenerative cell treatment offers new potential in the treatment of specific signs.

Delaware, USA a small Mid-Atlantic U.S. state, sits on a peninsula marked by dune-backed beaches bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Delaware River and Delaware Bay. In Dover, the capital, First State Heritage Park encompasses 18th-century Colonial landmarks like the Georgian-style Old State House.

Stem cells have the capability to modify into specific cell types. There are two defining characteristics of a stem cell are perpetual self-renewal and the ability to differentiate into a specialized adult cell type.

We offer a complete way to deal with construct their training by teaching people in general in a straightforward way. Our careful screening process insures doctors a high quality treatment for patients suffering from inflammatory and degenerative conditions.

For further information about our systems or doctors Contact us today.

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Stem Cell Doctors Delaware, Stem cell injections, Stem cell ...

Stem Cell Transplantation and Cellular Therapy Center | MD …

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Oct 15 2018

MDAnderson's Stem Cell Transplantation and Cellular Therapy Center is one of the largest facilities in the world for stem cell transplants. During stem cell transplants, unhealthy bone marrow is replaced by healthy stem cells. These stem cells then develop into healthy marrow that produces different types of blood cells.

We perform more than 850 procedures for adults and children each year, more than any other center in the nation. The cancers, hematologic diseases and autoimmune disorders we treat include:

As part of one the nations top cancer centers, we provide comprehensive stem cell transplant services. These include a clinic dedicated to monitoring and managing graft versus host disease, a condition that can arise from stem cell transplantation; and a matched unrelated donor program, which has earned us recognition as a specialized center for stem cell transplants by the National Marrow Donor Program.

We also maintain our own cell processing laboratory for preparing safe and effective tissues for transplantation and perform more than more than1,000 collections each year through our apheresis and stem cell collection unit.

Stem Cell Transplantation and Cellular Therapy Center | MD ...

Placenta | Amniotic tissue is not stem cell therapy – Dr …

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Oct 07 2018

There is a fascination among some patients with umbilical cord, amniotic fluid/membrane, and placenta membrane as a means of getting the best, or the most stem cells, in stem cell therapy treatment.

In the opinion of researchers cited in this article, that fascination and the supportive claims are unfounded. Further, the treatments mentioned and advertised in some doctors office as amniotic stem cell therapy is in fact not even stem cell therapy.

I am going to discuss amniotic stem cell therapy, which is in fact amniotic tissue treatment, placenta treatments and umbilical cord stem cell therapy in this article.

Marc Darrow MD, JD. Thank you for reading my article. You can ask me your questions about stem cell therapy using the contact form below.

The Interventional Orthopedics Foundation is a non-profit that provides CME-accredited courses that teach simple to advanced injection skills.

In a December 2015 press release, the Foundation issued a warning about faulty stem cell products after testing placental tissue-derived products. The warning: The products contained no live stem cells.

Here are the five key points published in that press release:

Every day here in Los Angeles, you can see advertisements for seminars and webinars for LIVE amniotic stem cell therapy. What do they base this on?

It is based on research saying one thing and amniotic stem cell therapy marketers saying another. Here is an example of one study:

On the release of a 2012 study examining the theory that Amniotic stem cells derived from donated amniotic fluid could be stored in banks, shipped to doctors and researchers, and used for various therapies, study author Dr. Pascale Guillot of the Department of Surgery and Cancer at Imperial College of London described amniotic stem cells this way:

Amniotic fluid stem cells are intermediate between embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. They have some potential to develop into different cell types but they are not pluripotent.

Pluripotent cells can give rise to all of the cell types that make up the body. To make amniotic cells pluripotent they have to be genetically modified. Genetically modified stem cells are drugs and must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Dr. Guillot and her research team in fact were trying to turn stem cells from amniotic fluid into pluripotent stem cells by way of culturing. The purpose was to get them to a point where they could replace embryonic stem cells for laboratory testing. That they succeeded lead some in the amniotic/stem cell therapy business to believe that donated amniotic stem cells, taken from a caesarian section delivery donor, could be persevered, freeze-dried, and then shipped out to doctors offices as stem cell therapy injections for osteoarthritis.

So as mentioned, this often cited 2012 study was not about joint degeneration but as Dr. Guillot pointed out . . . We are particularly interested in exploring their use in genetic diseases diagnosed early in life or other diseases such as cerebral palsy, and further replacing the need for embryonic stem cells. Of course embryonic stem cell research is fraught with ethical challenges and limited supply.

Dr Paolo De Coppi, from the UCL Institute of Child Health in London, who jointly led the study with Dr Guillot, said: This study confirms that amniotic fluid is a good source of stem cells. The advantages of generating pluripotent cells without any genetic manipulation make them more likely to be used for therapy.

Read again This study confirms that amniotic fluid is a good source of stem cells, BUT FOR research looking at genetic pediatric disorders and how these stem cells can be harvested and stored for future research for genetic engineering.

We are often asked if we can use stored cord blood in our treatments. Umbilical cord blood is different from bone marrow stems cells. Cord stem cells are hematopoietic stem cells (which can differentiate only into blood cells), and not pluripotent stem cells (such as stem cells from bone marrow, which can differentiate into any type of tissue).The research surrounding the use of Cord Blood centers around blood and immune diseases such as leukemia, certain cancers and anemia. Speculation that cord blood stem cells may help with brain trauma injuries, cognitive disorders, and autism is being tested in the medical research.

This is the gray line with Amniotic/Placenta stem cells.A company the markets amniotic stem cells as injections and as mail order service says this:Researchers have discovered that the amniotic fluid has an extremely high concentration of stem cells, even more than bone marrow in adults. When processed at an FDA regulated lab, the biologic material ends up containing significant regenerative properties, such as growth factors, hyaluronic acid and stem cell activators.

Now on the same website the treatment is called: Amniotic derived stem cell activator injections

There is no argument that amniotic fluid contains stem cells, perhaps more so than bone marrow derived stem cells, BUT, from placenta to your joint pain the stem cells get lost along the way.

By name they are something that activates stem cells. But how? According to the makers of oral supplements sold as stem cell activators, they are protein building blocks that rejuvenate aging stem cells by way of DNA telemore support. The claim is you may live longer.

In stem cell therapy, stem cell activators are the building block or the scaffold which the stem cells begin its repair.

We are going to examine a 2013 study produced by MiMedx Group, Inc., a company that describes itself as the global premier processor, marketer, and distributor of human amniotic tissue.This study was also produced in conjunction with the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Department of Surgery, Stanford University School of Medicine, the Georgia Institute of Technology. And the Angiogenesis Foundation. It was published in the International journal of wound healing.This is not a light-weight study.

Where are the stem cells in this study?

The researchers never say that the processed amniotic membrane have any. What they do say is that they stimulateHuman bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells already present in the body to multiple. (So does dextrose Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma).

Q. So what are stem cell activators? A. They are growth factors that help your own bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells multiply.

Q. So where are the amniotic stem cells? A. There are none

Researchers have discovered that the amniotic fluid has an extremely high concentration of stem cells, even more than bone marrow in adults. When processed at an FDA regulated lab, the biologic material ends up containing significant regenerative properties, such as growth factors, hyaluronic acid and stem cell activators. They do not survive the processing, only the remnants of their ability to activate bone marrow stem cells.

But isnt this still a great selling point for amniotic stem cell activator therapy?

No because there is already a well proven stem cell activator that works well and is a fraction of the cost, Platelet Rich Rich Plasma and dextrose prolotherapy.

Doctors from George Washington University and the University of Southern California went into this question with an open mind. Lets point out that we are NOT talking about stem cell therapy we are talking about placenta tissue preparation.

Here is what their study suggests: A review of the small number of reported studies revealed a high degree of variability in placental cell types, placental tissue preparation, routes of administration, and treatment regimens, which prohibits making any definitive conclusions. Currently, the clinical use of placenta is limited to only commercial placental tissue allografts, as there are no placenta-derived biological drugs approved for the treatment of orthopaedic sports medicine conditions in the United States.1

This April 2017 study is not very robust in its clinical recommendations.

So where did all this hype come from?

Doctors at Rush University School of Medicine wrote this in 2016 in the American journal of sports medicine:

Alter their biological properties?

With these type of research I would find it difficult to convince my patients, who are always eager for research to support their decision to undergo our treatments that the scientific community is as excited about amniotic/placenta stem cells as a potential help for their osteoarthritis.

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