Nimer named new director for University of Miami’s cancer center

Medical breakthroughs discovered in the laboratory can take a long time to be put into practice in the examination room, often because there is little communication between research scientists and clinical physicians.

Dr. Stephen D. Nimer, a renowned researcher and physician named Wednesday as director of the University of Miamis Sylvester Cancer Center, is vowing to bring equal emphasis to leading-edge scientific research and quality patient care. His goal: to make Miami a worldwide destination for cancer treatment.

I am going to devote my energies toward bringing the center to the next level, said Nimer, 57, who has pioneered novel therapies for cancer and advocated for more compassionate care of patients. I want to build on the greatness that exists here.

Nimers appointment comes nearly 18 months after the Sylvester Centers board launched a global search for a new director to succeed Dr. W. Jarrard Goodwin, who stepped down after 14 years at the helm to become chief medical officer for the center.

Joan Scheiner, board chair of the Sylvester Center, said Nimer is the perfect candidate to lead the 20-year-old center into the next stage.

Hes going to help us build the kind of cancer center we deserve, said Scheiner, who beat metastatic soft tissue sarcoma with the help of Sylvester Center doctors in the late 1990s. It validates our past and ensures a future with no limits.

A key member of one of the nations leading cancer centers Memorial Sloan-Kettering in New York Nimer is considered one of the worlds premier leukemia and stem cell transplant researchers and physicians.

During nearly two decades at Sloan-Kettering, Nimer established an inpatient program for patients with blood disorders, and a blood stem cell transplant program for adults with malignant blood diseases, focusing primarily on patients with non-Hodgkin and Hodgkin lymphoma, or multiple myeloma, a cancer of the plasma cells in the bone marrow.

Among Nimers notable achievements in the laboratory: developing a bone marrow transplant treatment using stem cells to eliminate cancer cells from the blood and coaxing tumor-reducing proteins out of stem cells, then using those proteins to help enhance the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer patients.

A prolific researcher who has authored more than 200 scientific publications in numerous medical journals, Nimer also has made important discoveries in the field of pre-cancerous oncogenes, which can mutate and trigger cancer.

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Nimer named new director for University of Miami’s cancer center

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