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May 14 2019

As long as providers use autologous stem cells (definition: stem cells that come from the patient themselves) for regenerative therapy, the FDA accepts these procedures as complying with current standards of care. The equipment that we use to process your stem cells is FDA cleared for that use. All placental, amniotic, and umbilical cord blood/tissue products must have product-specific approval from the FDA, and as of now none of the commercially and currently available products have that approval except in one instance, and that is when umbilical cord blood stem cells are used specifically and only to treat hematological diseases like leukemia. No amniotic, placental, or umbilical cord blood or tissue products are FDA approved for regenerative medicine, and providers that currently use these products have only a limited time left before the FDA mandates that they must stop or face stiff sanctions. At Dynamic Health we have always used the patients own stem cells, and until more effective treatments are discovered and approved by the FDA we will continue to do so.

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Stem Cell Therapy | Stem Cell Treatment | Charlotte, NC

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