Hair Restoration Treatment Uses Novel Stem Cell Therapy …

DALLAS UPTOWN and PLANO, Texas, Oct. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- For men and women who are just beginning to deal with thinning hair, there is a new way to possibly reverse thinning which does not involve tedious follicle-by-follicle transplantation: platelet-rich plasma (P.R.P.), drawn from one's own blood, optimized, and then re-injected into the scalp. P.R.P. contains a large number of adult stem cells, which are known to stimulate cell growth.

A patients' own platelet-rich blood plasma has been utilized in various cosmetic procedures developed over the past several years to encourage the formation of fresh collagen in the face and hands; now, platelet-rich plasma is being micro-injected into the scalp to stimulate renewed, thicker hair growth.

Medical Director Dr. Jeffrey Adelglass and Director of Dermatology Dr. Elizabeth Houshmand of SKINTASTIC Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Skin Care Centers recently added Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Restoration to their already expansive list of face, body, skincare, and wellness services. While P.R.P. hair growth stimulation can be considered somewhat novel, the cellular science behind it has already expanded into a wide range of medical modalities.

Dr. Adelglass explains, "Working with platelet rich plasma, the overall success is very 'donor-dependent.' We carefully screen our prospective PRP patients for medications and other substances known to inhibit the PRP growth factor's ability to 'take,' such as tobacco. Also, P.R.P. therapy is not effective for treating hair roots that are no longer living."

Consultations at SKINTASTIC for P.R.P. Hair Restoration are recommended with Dr. Houshmand, a double board certified dermatologist, to assess whether or not one is a qualified candidate for this procedure. Dr. Houshmand is also an instructor who teaches the technique to other physicians. She briefly explains the procedure: "P.R.P. Hair Growth is an outpatient procedure at SKINTASTIC. Our technician draws a single vial of blood, and we spin it up in the centrifuge to separate the plasma, which is then prepared and immediately micro-injected into the treatment areas. Patients may see their first noticeable hair growth several weeks after their treatment."

Those interested in learning more about P.R.P. Hair Growth Therapy should make an appointment at SKINTASTIC Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Skin Centers in Dallas Uptown or Plano, Texas by calling (972) 620-3223, or at

Media: Contact Jeffrey Adelglass, M.D., F.A.C.S. at (214) 392-8830, or jeffadel@gmail.comand Elizabeth Houshmand MD FAAD, FABIM at (484) 838-0487 or

Doctors Adelglass or Houshmand may be available for interview on advances in cosmetic surgery and new beauty technologies, or to speak to groups regarding this or other related topics.

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Hair Restoration Treatment Uses Novel Stem Cell Therapy ...

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