Early-stage study validates Cellect Bio’s method of stem cell selection; shares ahead 19% – Seeking Alpha

Thinly traded nano cap Cellect Biotechnology Ltd. (APOP +19.4%) jumps on more than a 4x surge in volume in response to its announcement of positive results from a Phase 1 study aimed at validating its proprietary method of stem cell selection called ApoGraft. The process allows for the natural enrichment of stem cells that can be used in cell therapies or transplantation with significantly less risk of rejection.

The study was conducted on blood stem cells donated by 104 healthy subjects. Each sample represented a 5% graft. ApoGraft, used for only a few hours, produced a significant increase in the death of mature immune cells without compromising the quality and quantity of stem cells.

The Companys technology is expected to provide pharma companies, medical research centers and hospitals with the tools to rapidly isolate stem cells for in quantity and quality that will allow stems cell-related treatments and procedures. Cellects technology is applicable to a wide variety of stem cells related treatments in regenerative medicine and that current clinical trials are aimed at the cancer treatment of bone marrow transplantations.

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Early-stage study validates Cellect Bio's method of stem cell selection; shares ahead 19% - Seeking Alpha

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