Dr. Raj, Top Beverly Hills Orthopedic Doctor, Appears on The Doctors TV Show Performing Successful Stem Cell Therapy

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Apr 13 2015

Beverly Hills, California (PRWEB) April 13, 2015

Dr. Raj, who is the top orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, appeared on The Doctors TV show this week performing successful stem cell therapy. The patient received an outpatient stem cell procedure for bilateral labral tears in the shoulders, with an incredible outcome displayed on the show.

The segment can be viewed here: http://www.thedoctorstv.com/videos/stem-cells-instead-of-surgery

For years, Dr. Raj has been helping patients avoid invasive surgeries with outpatient, low risk stem cell procedures. The focus of the segment on The Doctors was a patient who was having severe functional limitations due to her shoulder injuries. She could not drive without pain or do any regular activities such as brushing her hair or reaching overhead without immediate pain.

While being interviewed on the show four days after the procedure, Jennifer stated, "This is crazy. What's really shocking is I can put my arms above my head, I haven't done that in 10 years!"

Dr. Raj, as he has done for hundreds of patients, first aspirated some of the patients bone marrow. Then the marrow was processed immediately to concentrate the stem cells and growth factors. The processed marrow was then injected bilaterally into her shoulders along with numbing medicine, and then the procedure was done.

After four days the patient appeared with Dr. Raj on the show. She was able to painlessly drive, lift her arms above her head, and was truly amazed at the outcome in such a short time. Dr. Raj was asked if her result was typical.

He replied, "Stem cells are so magical. I've seen this frequently, it is expected."

Host Dr. Travis Stork then said, "I'm a fan if you can avoid a true surgery. It's all about the beauty of more options. This just adds another option in the arsenal."

For over 5 years, Dr. Raj has been named a Top Doctor in Southern California, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and Nationally as well. He serves as an ABC News Medical Correspondent as well as a WebMD expert. National newspapers and television networks often turn to Dr. Raj for perspective on orthopedic injuries and treatments.

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Dr. Raj, Top Beverly Hills Orthopedic Doctor, Appears on The Doctors TV Show Performing Successful Stem Cell Therapy

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