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COMPANY OVERVIEW Stem Cell Medicine's mission is to develop and commercialize cellular therapies in combination with pharmaceutical products to be used for tissue repair and for the treatment of inflammatory, immunological and neurological disorders.

The Company develops products from a number of tissue sources, such as adipose tissue stem cells for ischemic indications and from T cells for solid tumor-directed immunotherapies.

The Companys business plan calls for the engagement in collaboration with other companies, research institutions and medical centers. The aim of these collaborations is to shorten the industry's standard length of development cycles and expand the Companys technology and know-how in R&D, business development, marketing and management. Seeking partneships with companies that have products in development stages and early clinical development.

Stem Cell Medicine's facilities include state-of-the-art R&D laboratories and modern GMP manufacturing production rooms that, together with well-equipped analytical laboratories, provide an optimal environment for the development of products from inception to the clinic.

Additionally, the Company offers CMO services for products, including solid-form pharmaceuticals and injectibles,for use in clinical trials.

MISSION Stem Cell Medicine strives to facilitate the leap from existing stem cell R&D practices and technology and first-product development to pharmaceutical solutions by consolidating the existing stem cell know-how and expertise in Israel, Europe, USA and Asia (China). Stem Cell Medicine benefits from its privileged access to world class medical facilities, top research and the large pool of stem cell companies at various stages of development. THE FOUNDER Ehud Maroms career has circled around building companies that have a strong technical backbone in the fields of chemistry and life-sciences. Mr. Marom believes that in the future, stem cell product launches will continue to yield attractive returns. This outlook is based on a combination of the current known advancements in R&D, todays business and political/regulatory environment both in the U.S. and Israel, as well as the actual product launch successes we have seen to date. Mr. Marom had the privilege of playing a pivotal role in the early days of Gamida Cell, one of the leading Israeli biotech companies and a global leader in stem cell technologies and products. Mr. Marom led the development of the companys flagship product from pre-clinical to Phase III trials.


Ehud Marom - Chairman & CEO Mr. Marom received his BSc in Chemical Engineering from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology with distinction. He brings vast experience in management, operations, business and strategic planning in the pharmaceutical industry, where he has held various senior positions over the years. Past positions include VP of Operations at Teva Pharmaceuticals' API and Innovative divisions, where he was credited for his contribution to the market success of Teva; COO of Peptor Ltd; CEO of the Jerusalem-based biotechnology company, Gamida Cell, a leader in hematopoietic (blood) stem cell therapeutics; President and CEO of Makhteshim Chemical Works Ltd., followed by position of Senior VP of Supply Chain at Makhteshim-Agan Group. In addition to his role as Chairman & CEO at Stem Cell Medicine, Mr. Marom also acts as Chairman & CEO of Mapi Pharma and Chairman of Pharma Two B.Dr. Frida Grynspan , VP R&D and Site ManagerDr. Grynspan has extensive experience in the areas of cellular therapeutics and protein chemistry. She served as VP R&D at CollPlant, Pluristem and Gamida Cell. Dr. Grynspan holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a post-doctoral degree from Harvard Medical School. Irit Zalayet - CFOMs. Zalayet CPA serves as Stem Cell Medicines CFO as of 2012. Prior to this Ms. Zalayet served as deputy CEO of Kesselman & Kesselman Trust Co. (1971) Ltd. and as a CPA at PwC Israel. Irit completed her Bachelors in Economics and Accounting and her M.A. in Law; both degrees are from The Bar-Ilan University. Ms. Zalayet also serves as the CFO of a related group party Pharma Two B. Ruth Reiss - Quality Assurance ManagerMs. Reiss joined Stem Cell Medicine in 2013. Prior to joining the company, she served as QA manager at Hy-Laboratories Ltd. She successfully led the company in its first FDA QP inspection in addition to GMP accreditation by the Israeli Ministry of Health. Ruth received her BSc in Agriculture from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a Business Management degree from the Open University of Israel.

Aviva Zyskind - Business Development Senior Associate Ms. Zyskind joined Stem Cell Medicine in 2014. Previously, she worked at KPMG in Israel where she founded the China Practice and worked as a member of the M&A team; and as International Project Coordinator at the Hisense R&D Center in China. She received her BA in Economics and Mandarin Chinese from Brandeis University and has lived and worked in China for three years.Dr. Yael Hayon - R&D Project ManagerDr. Hayon received her PhD in Neurobiology from Hebrew University Hadassah Medical Center and specializes in developing models of human disease and blood products within the fields of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine. Through the course of her work, she has registered a patent for clinical applications and presented her research in conferences around the world. Her findings have been published in five different journals. Prior to joining Stem Cell Medicine in 2014, Dr. Hayon has held a number of positions, including director of Cerebrovascular Research and Development at the Neurology and Hematology Departments and Deputy Director and Medical Advisor at the Blood Bank, Hadassah Medical Center.

Dr. Dotan Uzi - R&D Project Manager Dr. Uzi received his PhD in Medical Research from the Hebrew University Hadassah Medical Center and specializes in cellular metabolism and toxicity, gene therapy and human disease models as platforms for stem cell therapy. Prior to joining Stem Cell Medicine, he served as VP and Head of Research and Development at Clearance Ltd, and as Human Disease Model Consultant at BiolineRx. Dr. Uzi has published his work in leading journals and as a main author in a leading hepatology textbook. He has also received the Israel Association for the Study of the Liver's Award for Excellence twice.

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