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Springs Integrated Health offers leading-edge, all-natural medical care. The center provides services intended to get to the root of patient issues and deliver real, lasting results in the simplest, most effective way. Instead of covering up symptoms with medications, the clinic breaks down health into obtainable goals that can optimize the wellness of each and every patient. Services include chiropractic, hormone lab testing, physical rehabilitation, Supartz therapy, trigger point therapy, FAR infrared sauna, stem cell therapy and more.

There was a time when stem cell therapy was out of reach for most people, but it has become increasingly accessible in recent years; and a go-to solution for a range of physiological complications. Stem cells are blank cells in the body that can become any tissue, whether that be knee tissue, bone tissue, cartilage, organ tissue stem cells can become whatever they are closest and nearest to, said Tiffany Graham, DC of Springs Integrated Health. So when you inject them into a joint thats damaged the body is always healing itself anyway it can create new tissue where there has been damage.

Stem cell therapy has been used for decades in Europe, and in the United States has been used by Peyton Manning, Tiger Woods, and many NFL players and other professional athletes. Although stem cells were initially reserved for the ultra wealthy, they have since become both affordable and accessible; and many patients are opting for them over lengthy and expensive knee and shoulder surgeries. One in 400 total knee replacements result in fatal infection, and those that do not end up in infection still prove to have an extensive recovery time. Stem cell therapy is safe and quick, and people can feel results in as little as one week. Further, the company Springs Integrated Health utilizes for stem cells has given more than 50,000 injections with zero side effects and zero adverse reactions.

There are two different types of stem cells. The first is adult stem cells, where patients take their own bone marrow, fat or blood; spin it down; and re-inject into the joints. Thats not what is used at Springs Integrated Health, because its a long procedure that can be very painful and expensive. The second is amniotic stem cells, which are from donated placental tissue. This tissue comes from mothers who have planned c-sections, and who have elected to donate their placenta to science. The stem cells have been thoroughly tested and are clear of all antigens, so there is no risk for rejection or infection. The stem cells used at Springs Integrated Health are 100 percent ethically-sourced, and are not embryonic stem cells, which come from aborted fetal tissue, said Graham.

Rick Paine is a beaming example of the efficacy of stem cell therapy. He is an avid runner and hiker, and coached swimming at the University of Nebraska for 17 years. He was also an Olympic Head Coach in Australia in 2000. Eight years ago, he wore his left knee out and had to get a knee replacement, and it took two to three years to recover. About two years ago, his right knee was becoming worn out, and he did not want to go through the another knee surgery, because it was a very unpleasant experience for him. He was seeing an active release therapist who was helping, but he still had trouble with downhill on hikes, walking on the golf course and doing the everyday activities that make him happy.

Paine had been seeing Dr. Graham for about a year and a half before deciding to commence with stem cell therapy for his torn medial meniscus on the right knee in November 2016. At first I was skeptical, but I thought, lets give it a shot, Paine said. The procedure was quick and pretty painless, and it only took about a month after the injection for my knee to feel really good. He cautions that although the knee may feel great in a month or less, its essential to still take it easy, and give the tissue time to grow before becoming physically active.

Before I got stem cells, I couldnt squat to pick up a ball on the golf course but since getting the stem cells I can definitely do that. Im 65 years old, and a surgery would have taken me out of hiking for two to three years, but with this, it was only three months until I was hiking again, said Paine. We took X-rays a few months ago, and there has been significant improvement in my knee. I didnt expect to see that, I thought it was too good to be true, but Im living proof that stem cell therapy works.

Paine shared that now, eight months after his procedure, his knee still feels perfect. He admits that its not like having a brand new knee, but he has no issues whatsoever with downhill, uphill or bending down. I knew I wanted to do at least one more 14er, and didnt think it would be possible, but stem cells have definitely allowed me to do that. Paine is now gearing up for a 12 mile hike from Crested Butte to Aspen, a hike he couldnt have even considered before stem cells. I wish we had stem cells way back when, because it would have saved a lot of athletes careers.

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Stem Cell Therapy can provide a surgery-free solution to knee and shoulder issues - Colorado Springs Gazette

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