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Jun 01 2015

MedShape Weight Loss Clinic is proud to have treated over 40,000 patients around the country.

MedShape Weight Loss Clinic is determined to constantly offer the best and most advanced ways, methods and medication in the weight loss industry.We all want to lose weight fast and MedShape offers a truly proven medical solution to a rapid weight loss. Our medically supervised program is built around a regular calorie diet and different medications that helps rebuild a dead metabolism and them maintain a healthy metabolism. Our program is up to date, safe and recognized by many health care officials including cardiologists, personal trainers and plastic surgeons. Medshape does not believe in a 500 calorie diet or outdated weight loss information that promotes fad diets or unrealistic results.

MedShape has spent years researching and developing a weight loss program that is not about Just Today but the rest of our patients life. Although MedShapes programs design a rapid weight loss, the weight loss itself will be temporary if the lifestyle is not changed. Medshape offers our patients the knowledge of a trained medical staff and nutrition consultants. Stop dieting and start losing. That is the key.

Our programs are based on thousands of local patient research and, when accompanied by a moderate calorie diet in conjunction with MedShapes supplements or weight loss medication can result in a safe, REALISTIC weight loss. When you join our program, we provide you with valuable information and a system that can help you reach your weight loss goals that will make you look better, feel better and contribute to an overall healthier lifestyle.

We understand, getting the weight off is your priority. MedShapes first approach is aggressive, fast weight loss with close concentration on body composition. (Lose fat, save lean mass.) This is the first step to any successful weight loss program.

Our second approach that MedShape patients receive will help you learn how to KEEP the weight off. Medshape feels it is important to make maintenance a lifestyle change for the long run. As we tell our patients It is easy to LOSE the weight, the goal is changing your lifestyle to KEEP the weight off.


*Results of weight loss will vary depending on individual and adherence to MedShapes nutrition plan.

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MedShape Weight Loss Clinics | Medical Weight Loss Clinics ...

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