Medi-Weightloss Clinics – Diet Review

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Nov 01 2018

What is it?

Medi Weight Loss is a lifestyle change and comprehensive system that provides medical support to achieve weight loss. In person centers are offered where you receive medical examinations and learn about proper weight loss techniques.

The consultations will provide in depth information catered to peoples specific needs and desires. Theres also support on how to change behaviors, fitness advice, medical screenings, and more. Our review experts have rated many diets; theyve found the 18Shake Diet to be the most effective for weight loss. Its made up of a fat burning diet pill and an appetite suppressing meal replacement shake. Users have left glowing reviews to showcase its weight loss effects. Click on the link here to discover more about the 18Shake Diet.

Do You Know the Best Diets of 2018?

Here are some noteworthy ingredients added to their supplements:

South African Hoodia Gordonii Extract

Guarana Extract


Green Tea Extract


Chromium Picolinate




Acesulfame K

South African Hoodia Gordonii Extract: A kind of cactus found in parts of Africa which is used to suppress appetite. Web MD has expressed warning by stating:

There isnt enough information to know if hoodia is safe

Guarana Extract: The seeds of this plant are used to provide stimulant effects. It has added caffeine, theobromine, and other stimulants. This can potentially cause:

High blood pressure, nausea, and delirium.

Vomiting, difficulty breathing, and tremors.

Increased heart rate, nervousness, and ringing the ears.

Our review experts have crafted a list featuring the best weight loss diets.

Caffeine: Common stimulant added to increase energy and metabolism. Potential side effects may include:

Rapid heart rate, insomnia, and tremors.

Nausea, stomach discomfort, and high blood pressure.

Agitation, headaches, and irregular heart rate.

Green Tea Extract: Antioxidant rich tea that also contains stimulants. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health has reviewed this and found that green tea extracts:

havent been shown to produce a meaningful weight loss in overweight or obese adults

Acesulfame K: Artificial sweetener that is around 200 times much sweeter than standard sugar. The hormone and Metabolic Research journal found that it caused:

acts as sweetener, but in high doses, can also induce insulin secretion

Therefore, it still has an effect on blood sugar.

Advice on what to eat for the nutrition portion is provided, but its unknown what kind of specific diet plan will be recommended. 3 phases are emphasized:

Acute Weight loss Phase: Medical needs and medical history are examined. They also perform blood work, an EKG, and offer weekly consultations. They examine overall heath and body compositions while offering medication for those who need it.

BMI is also examined to help determine current weight loss and what realistic goals are possible.

Vitamin injections and information on supplements is also offered.

Short-term maintenance phase: Goal weight is reached and theres an allowance for more calories.

Wellness Phase: Motivation, support, and further testing are done on metabolism. There are monthly visits and supplements offered.

The goal of this is to offer specialized support for people to truly reach weight loss. It is said to have been:

Developed and administered by healthcare experts

The nutrition part of the plan emphasizes low calories and carbohydrates with increased protein intake. Since this plan is very specialized its impossible to determine how it will affect individual people.

There is information online which claims its extremely low calorie. Some have even said they were reduced to only 500 calories a day, which is considered a very low calorie plan that requires medical support. This can be potentially dangerous and difficult to maintain.

Follow the link here for a comprehensive list of the top ranked weight loss diets.

EDITORS TIP: Combine this diet with a proven meal replacement such as 18 Shake for better results.

The food advised is natural and wholesome, though its unknown how many total calories will be allowed as it varies per person.

The kinds of ingredients used in the recipes are wholesome herbs, spices, and natural ingredients. They also provide nutrition facts so you know the exact nutrient information.

One can lose weight with a restricted calorie and exercise plan, but its unknown if all the ingredients provided in this are wholesome. Theres also a lack of information on what specifically will be offered in terms of calories, as this largely depends on each individuals metabolism. For the list of the highest rated weight loss diets, click on the link here.

Other ingredients of concern are the ones added to their weight loss supplements. These will be recommended, and they include artificial sweeteners and potentially harmful stimulants.

Prices can vary but their official weight loss program has been estimated from anywhere to $70 to $80 per week, with a consultation price of around $300.

This can vary depending on individual needs and what center is visited. There are multiple centers which require check ins and strict limits on whats allowed.

The overall quality of the weight loss supplements is poor, due to the heavy use of stimulants and artificial sweeteners.

The name of the company is also Medi Weight Loss, their contain information is listed as:

Phone Number: (813) 228-6334

Address: 509 S. Hyde Park Ave

Tampa, Florida 33606


They require strict dedication from users, and each person will have a different experience due to the varying degrees of effort. Click the link here for a comprehensive list of the best weight loss diets.

EDITORS TIP: The top 10 list of the best diets is available here.

Here are some select reviews from users:

So overwhelmed with the information, I wish I knew about the effort before I paid

have to take the initiative to effect weight loss otherwise it will return as soon as you stop

terrible service and they failed to honor their promises. Wasted $800 for just 2 months

took their appetite suppressant and started to experience dizziness, cold sweats and nausea

There were many complaints from users. This was due to the high price, difficulty of use, and the amount of effort needed for weight loss.

Price was also a major concern as people said it costs a lot of money to sustain. For a list featuring the top ranked weight loss diets, follow the link here.

Reducing calories and making sure to receive medical checkups can result in weight loss. Theres also a lot of dedication needed in making sure one is exercising enough. Users have said that the calorie limit is extremely low, and that it requires a lot of money to begin. Some added how its far too overpriced and that there is no guarantee of weight loss without strict dedication.

In reviewing countless weight loss diets, our review experts concluded the best for weight loss is the 18Shake Diet. Customer reviews have highlighted how effective it is for results. This diet offers an appetite suppressing meal replacement shake for hours of support, and a fat burning diet pill.

They contain only pure extracts and natural ingredients without stimulants, colors, preservatives, fillers, binders, or any unwanted additives. Theres also a GMP certification to ensure routine quality control inspections. Discover more about the 18Shake Diet by following the link provided here.

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Medi-Weightloss Clinics - Diet Review

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