Ideal Weight Loss Medical Clinics – Austin Texas

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Oct 02 2015

The Ideal Weight Loss Method is called "Your Last Diet" because it is! By following ourproven medical protocols, you will LOSE FAT quickly, and maintain your lean muscle mass.The Ideal Weight Loss Method is an OBJECTIVE, PERSONALIZED, MEDICALLY MONITORED,FOOD BASED, FAT-(weight)-LOSS PROGRAM, using NO DRUGs OR gimmicks!The Ideal Weight Loss Method is SCIENCE THAT WORKs for you!The Ideal Weight Loss Method offers: One-on-one trained & dedicated medically-advised staff Rapid fat loss just in time for upcoming events Personalized medical history review of past, present and possible future weight challenges Customized meal planning Renewed skin, body shape, health and energy Objective monitoring initial and weekly biometric measurements (body fat percentage, weight, percent water, inches lost) Valuable nutrition information allowing you to maintain your lean muscle and keep the pounds off after the formal program is completed! The Difference: When (normal) calorie-restriction diets are used, the dieter loses fat AND muscle. Muscle burns more energy than fat, therefore, muscle loss causes a decrease in energy usage by the body.Your body has three sources of energy: 1. Carbohydrates (ALWAYS burned first) followed by 2. Protein, then 3. Lipids (fats).Once the body has depleted its carbohydrate reserves, it draws on protein and fat reserves simultaneously. The intake of bio-available protein used in the Ideal Weight Loss Method MAINTAINs LEAN MUSCLE MASS and FORCES FAT-BURNING for energy. Its more than weight loss: it's FAT-LOSS.The Ideal Weight Loss Method emphasizes FAT LOSS, resulting in: Skin revitalization, Cellulite reduction, Improved blood sugar levels, Reduced blood pressure, Improved cholesterol/triglyceride ratios & Reduced inflammatory conditions.

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Ideal Weight Loss Medical Clinics - Austin Texas

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