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Aug 10 2017

Leslie Reynolds, CH., in conjunction with the non-profit organization Health Awareness Clinics will be conducting two free to the public hypnosis seminars. The first free seminar (a $5 donation is appreciated) will be at 7 pm on Monday, Aug. 14, at the Tama Civic Center. Anyone 16 and over is welcome to attend. There is no pre-registration, just arrive 20 minutes early and sign in. Everyone in attendance will be hypnotized twice during the seminar. Health Awareness Clinics has helped over 500,000 people over the years achieve their goals.

According to the Surgeon General Dr. Satcher and the Centers for Disease Control an estimated 400,000 Americans die every year from illnesses directly caused or worsened by being overweight.

Approximately 65 percent of all adults are overweight or obese, as are nearly 17 percent of our children. These rates have steadily risen over the past decade and continue to rise.

According to USA Today (October 4, 2003) scientists are reporting how obesity leads to shorter life spans. Overweight people who are non-smokers lose 3 years of their lives, obese people who are non-smokers lose 7 years of their lives, and obese people who are smokers lose 13.5 years of their lives.

Both the Surgeon General and the Centers for Disease Control agree that smoking is blamed for 435,000 deaths a year. That's over 800,000 American's that die every year from preventable deaths. The Washington Post published (June 2004) a report that smoking cuts your life span by 10 years.

The good news is that it is possible for many to get those years back by stopping smoking and/or losing weight. Hypnosis has been recognized by the American Medical Association since 1958. In fact the AMA now recommends and endorses hypnosis.

Leslie Reynolds, C.H. one of America's leading Hypnotherapists states, "aside from being completely safe, hypnosis is the easiest and most effective way to stop smoking and lose weight". Hypnosis is a mental process, not a physical process. Don't look for something you can feel or touch. It's very similar to a meditative state. A hypnotist goes from talking to a subject's conscious mind, which makes up approximately 12% of his/her brain, to their subconscious mind which makes up the remaining 88%. This process is also called by passing their critical faculty. Breathing, blinking, your heart beating is all covered by your autonomic system, your subconscious mind, that's the main reason hypnosis has such an incredibly high rate. Hypnosis works with your subconscious mind. By doing this it takes will power out of the equation."

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Free seminars Hypnosis Seminar coming to Tama on Aug. 14: 'Weight Loss', 'Smoking Cessation' and 'Stress ... - Tama News-Herald - Toledo Chronicle

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