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Oct 31 2015

For over 40 years, Dr. Stanley K. Bernstein, MD, has developed and refined the Dr. Bernstein Weight Loss Program to help people solve their weight problems. His specially-trained team of doctors and nurses can help you lose weight quickly, safely and naturally while you regain your energy, vitality and confidence.

On our program, you can safely lose up to 20 lbs every month*. Thats 4 to 5 inches off your waistline every single month!* Its incredibly motivating to see the pounds melt away.

Dr. Bernsteins weight loss program eliminates many of the barriers to success by helping to prevent cravings, headaches, fatigue and rebound weight gain. Thats why our patients stick with it, lose the weight, and are happier, healthier people.

Whether you want to get back to health or get back into that swim suit, were here to support you every step of the way. Call us today at 1.888.DR.B.DIET (1.888.372.3438), or let us contact you.

As excess weight contributes to or causes health complications, it is important that trained medical professionals supervise your weight loss progress. If you have medical conditions linked to your excess weight, such as high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, and osteo-arthiritis that require medication and medical supervision, we can help you regain your health while you lose weight.

As you lose weight, you can also reduce or eliminate your need for medications to control related medical conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, osteo-arthritis, asthma and COPD. And you can do all of this without diet pills, appetite suppressants, exercise or surgery.

Imagine living free from the burden of medical conditions!

The Dr. Bernstein Diet

Having spent more than 40 years helping people like you lose their excess weight, Dr. Bernstein knows that everyone can lose all of their excess weight while following the program including you!

Thats why we guarantee that you will lose at least 10 lbs every month or we will treat you for free until those 10 lbs are lost.*

Start losing weight now. Call today.

With Dr. Bernsteins Weight Loss Program, you can expect to lose all the weight you ever wanted to. Youll start to see and feel the difference right away, keeping you excited and motivated all the way to your goal!

We have been treating patients for weight loss for over 40 years. Dr. Bernsteins Diet is a safe and effective method to lose weight and keep it off.

Meet Dr. Bernstein

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Dr. Bernstein Diet & Health Clinics | Weight Loss Programs ...

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