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Toronto Weight Loss: Non-Surgical Gastric Balloon … – Jump6

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Nov 04 2018

The Jump6 Program

Experts agree that successful weight-loss programs should not only help you lose weight, but keep it off over time. TheJump6 program featuring the intragastric (inside stomach)balloon combines a clinically tested and proven medical device, with your very own personal plan and support team, to reduce hunger and effectively manage weight loss. As seen on the hit TV show The Doctors the gastric balloon is a safenonsurgical procedure to lose weight naturally.

The Jump6 program featuring the intragastric (Gastric Balloon -inside stomach)balloon is a simple yet innovative approach to help you lose excess weight. With the guidance of your medical team, you will have the education, support, and motivation needed to make real lifestyle changes. Find out how you can start on the pathway to a healthier and happier life today! The gastric balloonis simple, effective,and without the risks of surgery. Call or visit us in one of our clinics throughout Ontario, Canada for a free consultation.

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Toronto Weight Loss: Non-Surgical Gastric Balloon ... - Jump6

Medi-Weightloss Clinics – Diet Review

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Nov 01 2018

What is it?

Medi Weight Loss is a lifestyle change and comprehensive system that provides medical support to achieve weight loss. In person centers are offered where you receive medical examinations and learn about proper weight loss techniques.

The consultations will provide in depth information catered to peoples specific needs and desires. Theres also support on how to change behaviors, fitness advice, medical screenings, and more. Our review experts have rated many diets; theyve found the 18Shake Diet to be the most effective for weight loss. Its made up of a fat burning diet pill and an appetite suppressing meal replacement shake. Users have left glowing reviews to showcase its weight loss effects. Click on the link here to discover more about the 18Shake Diet.

Do You Know the Best Diets of 2018?

Here are some noteworthy ingredients added to their supplements:

South African Hoodia Gordonii Extract

Guarana Extract


Green Tea Extract


Chromium Picolinate




Acesulfame K

South African Hoodia Gordonii Extract: A kind of cactus found in parts of Africa which is used to suppress appetite. Web MD has expressed warning by stating:

There isnt enough information to know if hoodia is safe

Guarana Extract: The seeds of this plant are used to provide stimulant effects. It has added caffeine, theobromine, and other stimulants. This can potentially cause:

High blood pressure, nausea, and delirium.

Vomiting, difficulty breathing, and tremors.

Increased heart rate, nervousness, and ringing the ears.

Our review experts have crafted a list featuring the best weight loss diets.

Caffeine: Common stimulant added to increase energy and metabolism. Potential side effects may include:

Rapid heart rate, insomnia, and tremors.

Nausea, stomach discomfort, and high blood pressure.

Agitation, headaches, and irregular heart rate.

Green Tea Extract: Antioxidant rich tea that also contains stimulants. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health has reviewed this and found that green tea extracts:

havent been shown to produce a meaningful weight loss in overweight or obese adults

Acesulfame K: Artificial sweetener that is around 200 times much sweeter than standard sugar. The hormone and Metabolic Research journal found that it caused:

acts as sweetener, but in high doses, can also induce insulin secretion

Therefore, it still has an effect on blood sugar.

Advice on what to eat for the nutrition portion is provided, but its unknown what kind of specific diet plan will be recommended. 3 phases are emphasized:

Acute Weight loss Phase: Medical needs and medical history are examined. They also perform blood work, an EKG, and offer weekly consultations. They examine overall heath and body compositions while offering medication for those who need it.

BMI is also examined to help determine current weight loss and what realistic goals are possible.

Vitamin injections and information on supplements is also offered.

Short-term maintenance phase: Goal weight is reached and theres an allowance for more calories.

Wellness Phase: Motivation, support, and further testing are done on metabolism. There are monthly visits and supplements offered.

The goal of this is to offer specialized support for people to truly reach weight loss. It is said to have been:

Developed and administered by healthcare experts

The nutrition part of the plan emphasizes low calories and carbohydrates with increased protein intake. Since this plan is very specialized its impossible to determine how it will affect individual people.

There is information online which claims its extremely low calorie. Some have even said they were reduced to only 500 calories a day, which is considered a very low calorie plan that requires medical support. This can be potentially dangerous and difficult to maintain.

Follow the link here for a comprehensive list of the top ranked weight loss diets.

EDITORS TIP: Combine this diet with a proven meal replacement such as 18 Shake for better results.

The food advised is natural and wholesome, though its unknown how many total calories will be allowed as it varies per person.

The kinds of ingredients used in the recipes are wholesome herbs, spices, and natural ingredients. They also provide nutrition facts so you know the exact nutrient information.

One can lose weight with a restricted calorie and exercise plan, but its unknown if all the ingredients provided in this are wholesome. Theres also a lack of information on what specifically will be offered in terms of calories, as this largely depends on each individuals metabolism. For the list of the highest rated weight loss diets, click on the link here.

Other ingredients of concern are the ones added to their weight loss supplements. These will be recommended, and they include artificial sweeteners and potentially harmful stimulants.

Prices can vary but their official weight loss program has been estimated from anywhere to $70 to $80 per week, with a consultation price of around $300.

This can vary depending on individual needs and what center is visited. There are multiple centers which require check ins and strict limits on whats allowed.

The overall quality of the weight loss supplements is poor, due to the heavy use of stimulants and artificial sweeteners.

The name of the company is also Medi Weight Loss, their contain information is listed as:

Phone Number: (813) 228-6334

Address: 509 S. Hyde Park Ave

Tampa, Florida 33606


They require strict dedication from users, and each person will have a different experience due to the varying degrees of effort. Click the link here for a comprehensive list of the best weight loss diets.

EDITORS TIP: The top 10 list of the best diets is available here.

Here are some select reviews from users:

So overwhelmed with the information, I wish I knew about the effort before I paid

have to take the initiative to effect weight loss otherwise it will return as soon as you stop

terrible service and they failed to honor their promises. Wasted $800 for just 2 months

took their appetite suppressant and started to experience dizziness, cold sweats and nausea

There were many complaints from users. This was due to the high price, difficulty of use, and the amount of effort needed for weight loss.

Price was also a major concern as people said it costs a lot of money to sustain. For a list featuring the top ranked weight loss diets, follow the link here.

Reducing calories and making sure to receive medical checkups can result in weight loss. Theres also a lot of dedication needed in making sure one is exercising enough. Users have said that the calorie limit is extremely low, and that it requires a lot of money to begin. Some added how its far too overpriced and that there is no guarantee of weight loss without strict dedication.

In reviewing countless weight loss diets, our review experts concluded the best for weight loss is the 18Shake Diet. Customer reviews have highlighted how effective it is for results. This diet offers an appetite suppressing meal replacement shake for hours of support, and a fat burning diet pill.

They contain only pure extracts and natural ingredients without stimulants, colors, preservatives, fillers, binders, or any unwanted additives. Theres also a GMP certification to ensure routine quality control inspections. Discover more about the 18Shake Diet by following the link provided here.

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Medi-Weightloss Clinics - Diet Review

FAQs | New Orleans Weight Loss Clinic

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Nov 01 2018

Soza Weight Loss has answered some of our most frequently asked questions. Contact us today if you have any additional questions about our programs, clinics, or products.

Our protocol itself is professionally supported. Nutritionists, dietitians, and physicians were involved in the creation and modification of the program. You will not be seen by any doctors on this program. Physicians have helped solidify this program and today our health consultants bring this protocol to life.

You should get the approval of your primary doctor before going on any weight loss program. We do not want to take the role of your doctors. It is our belief that you should maintain your existing relationships with all your physicians, without the unnecessary expensive testing and procedures many "medical weight loss programs" put you through. We can send your physician a letter outlining our programs and goals in order for them to continue to care for your medical needs. We are here to support you in your weight loss goals, using the safe methods created by physicians.

Yes absolutely! Even though you could lose anywhere from pound a pound a day, you are losing fat and not lean muscle mass, eating nutrient dense healthy foods and taking vitamins and supplements to support health. Its a given that excess weight is a definite health risk. Generally speaking most of our clients report feeling better while on the program. Maintaining regular visits with your physician important, at SOZA we frequently receive reports that there have been over all health improvement as a result of the healthy lifestyle change our clients adopt.

Today we are constantly bombarded with so many different fads and diets from the media and misinformation available on the internet even by health care professionals. Attempting a weight loss program on your own does not address all factors attributed to weight loss. In addition, wrong information leads to lack of weight loss, weight gain or fluctuations which ultimately lead to frustration and eventual failure. We help provide all the metabolic factors and correct information necessary to lose weight, effectively and safely. We are here to provide you with a proprietary proven method of weight loss that has helped treat close to. 5,000 clients in the greater New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas.

There a number of factors that attribute to diet failure and at SOZA, our comprehensive approach addresses them all. The number one reason programs fail is blood sugar instability, your sugars drop, you experience agitation, headaches shakiness and before you know it you have eaten the very first thing you see. And its usually sugar laden. Our program is designed to stabilize blood sugars to avoid those pitfalls entirely. Hunger and cravings are another reason for failure. Our products and program combined effectually mange both those issues. Then there is always the slow nature if weight loss. Most people become discouraged losing only a pound a week. The rapid nature of our program keeps our clients motivated so they stay the course! We provide support to our clients throughout the program, unlimited access to our staff gives our clients someone to reach out to for advice, guidance and most of all support. These are the reasons why SOZA Works!

This is what makes our program so amazing. The results are quick and in a week you could easily lose up to 7 pounds**. We have seen people lose even more. Your energy levels will increase, stress will decrease, but more importantly you will be very motivated and tell all your friends about this program. Research has shown that slow weight loss reduces the chances of reaching your goal weight, and could keep you at current health risks.

We do not advocate pre-packaged foods. Most pre-packaged foods are full of preservatives and chemicals. What will you do once you are off these foods? With the Soza protocol you will be eating real foods, low calorie but nutrient dense. We want you to learn what foods to eat today and always. Our food list is a proprietary food list specifically designed for fat loss.

Definitely, our health consultants are highly trained and they see many patients daily. We advise you to come to the clinic weekly for weigh-ins and follow ups. In addition to office visits our staff is always available by phone to provide support and answer any questions you may have. At each visit we will show you how many pound and more importantly how many inches you have lost. We will also work with you one on one to offer guidance, suggestions and solutions to any difficulties you may have.

There are so many clients that come to us with diabetes and high blood pressure medication. For most people diabetes and hypertension are the direct result of diet and weight. At SOZA both of these factors will improve, resulting in reduction of blood sugars, blood pressures and even cholesterol levels. As you lose weight on our program, you will be instructed to monitor your blood sugar and blood pressure levels and communicate the improvement you will see to your physician so the appropriate adjustments to your medication can be made. We have seen many patients in an incredibly short period of time show significant improvements and we see clients every day who are able to significantly reduce or even remove their medication entirely!

Our program is an all-natural solution that absolutely does not interfere with medication. Everything we do is natural that does not include stimulant diet pills including phentermine like many other weight loss programs out there. However, you should always check with your physician before beginning any weight loss program. When you come in for your consultation we will be happy to give you information you can bring to your physician

It is not an exercise program. Nutrition is by far the most effective method of achieving weight loss. We do however want you to be active and recommend walking or low intensity exercise to keep your metabolism boosted and for maintaining muscle. Weight loss cannot be done with exercise alone. This requires a system or a protocol like Soza!

Now that you have lost fat and not lean muscle mass, you will likely not be gaining the weight back. Unlike diet pills and phentermines that cause your appetite to be suppressed and artificially stimulate your metabolism our program targets fat and stimulates your metabolism naturally. Our nutrition plan will help you develop better eating habits and our stabilization phase allows your body a rest period so it will reset at your new weight this phase also allows you to return to regular life while having gained the tools to maintain your new weight. This is why SOZA is the most comprehensive program around. Best of all our protocol includes a 21 day stabilization phase that is FREE of charge!

Our program is as affordable as most diet programs out there if not more so. We believe that everyone has the right to lose weight and for this reason we have many affordable programs to choose from including finance options for those that need it. The longer you stay on some other common commercial weight loss programs the more expensive they become. Not at SOZA! Returning or continuing clients are offered special incentives to make continuing less expensive!

*statements are based on theories and assumptions by the Soza Clinic team.

** this happens when following our program closely and accurately, as many patients have in the past.

Call (504) 475-9817 today to speak with the team at our New Orleans weight loss clinic.

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FAQs | New Orleans Weight Loss Clinic

Weight Loss Clinics | Fat Loss Clinic – Dr. Berg

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Nov 01 2018

Results may vary depending on your commitment, follow through, and metabolism. Videos Does Dr. Berg Have His Clinic Anymore?

To expand and help more people, Dr. Berg no longer has his clinic. Instead he created do-it-yourself videos on YouTube to teach people how to help themselves. Dr. Berg also does weekly live shows to answer questions on both Facebook and YouTube. Were sorry about not having a clinic, but we had to make a choice to do one, and the greatest good was to do a virtual type clinic which involves education.

The truth is you cannot lose stubborn belly fat through low calories dieting and hard-core exercise. The most common error is INCORRECT SEQUENCE. People focus and work harder and harder on their weight hoping to see change and get healthy. What they should do is instead; redirect their focus on "getting healthy" first. This is because your weight "fat" is dependent on your overall health. Now come the subject of "how do we increase someone health" to have the weight come off fast - we'll show you how!

The truth is you cannot lose stubborn belly fat through low calories dieting and hard-core exercise. The most common error is INCORRECT SEQUENCE. People focus and work harder and harder on their weight hoping to see change and get healthy. What they should do is instead; redirect their focus on "getting healthy" first. This is because your weight "fat" is dependent on your overall health. Now come the subject of "how do we increase someone health" to have the weight come off fast - we'll show you how!

We are interested in you and each case is a puzzle to solve. Through looking at the whole body, we teach people solutions that are safe. It's all about education, not medication. We look at your symptoms as a way your body is trying to talk to you our job is helping you interpret what it's communicating. Then we will break it down and explain the problems and solutions simply.

Dr. Berg has appeared in many national magazines, online publications, radio around the country. His techniques, books and educational programs have been taught to over 2500 doctors and allied health practitioners.

Dr. Berg is a health educator specializing in weight loss through nutritional and natural methods.

Over the past 25 years, Dr. Berg has conducted over 4800 seminars and workshops in Governmental Agencies, church groups, and many others. His mission is to educate people on the truth about health, weight loss and nutrition.

We take a holistic approach, looking at the entire body, not just symptoms. Symptoms are merely clues; and each has its underlying cause. Symptoms are our body's communication attempting to tell us something. In our consultation, we asking the right questions and going deeper, the real problem can be found and aligned with a safe non-drug solution. Many doctors and even alternative health practitioners, take the list of complains and treat each one separately. We believe this leaves out a vitally important thing the evaluation of finding out why. If you treat a symptom without finding out the why, things continue.

For example, rarely do people isolate what occurs just before the complaint started. What did you do, eat, experience as a stress? There is always something that triggers these complaints and a good evaluator should always ask these questions.

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Weight Loss Clinics | Fat Loss Clinic - Dr. Berg

Austin Weight Loss | Medically Supervised Weight Loss …

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Nov 01 2018

Why Not Discover Ideal Protein at Our Locations Now!!!!

If you're searching for professional Austin, TX, weight control assistance, you've come to the right place. At all 4(Four) of our Austin Weight Loss Clinic locations, we're committed to helping our clients improve the way they feel about their appearance, and we look forward to assisting you. Whether you've visited our clinic in the past or you are interested in our services for the first time, we welcome new and returning patients alike, atour all 4 clinics. Our medical staff will give you the personalized care that you want.

If you're struggling to get to your target weight on your own, don't hesitate to call us, whether you are in Georgetown, Round Rock, Austin, Buda, Kyle, Lakeway, or Bastrop. We'll help you develop a strategy for achieving your goals, and our staff will be there for you every step of the way. We want to help residents of Austin feel good about themselves, and we're proud of our reputation for our personable approach. Whether you simply want to look your best for a special occasion or you want to work towards better health, we're here to help, and we'll gladly answer any questions you have about our services.

At Round Roock, Anderson, Stassney andRiver placelocations, weight control professionals are ready to discuss your goals. We're conveniently located in Austin and Round Rock , TX, and we offer appointments seven days a week. We're dedicated to client satisfaction, and our highly experienced professionals will put your individual needs first. To schedule your appointment, give us a call today!

Austin Weight Loss | Medically Supervised Weight Loss ...

IV Therapy | Weight Loss | Skin Care IRevive Health & Wellness

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Nov 01 2018

IRevive licensed family practitioners offer years of experience specializing in weight loss, Aesthetics, Skin Care, vitamin enhancements, and IV therapy. Patients can schedule appointments or walk-in 7 days a week! After hour IVs are by appointment only, please call 615.401.9380 to schedule after hour appointments.

The IRevive methodology for weight loss and weight maintenance differs significantly from other Nashville weight loss clinics. At IRevive Health & Wellness we do not focus primarily on medication for weight loss assistance, but also value the importance of individualized patient education in combination with medication, to produce long-term results. Our patients work closely with our licensed providers to set goals that are realistic and beneficial to individual lifestyles, recognizing that everyones weight loss journey is unique. Some patients on our Nashville weight loss program have eliminated the need for chronic medication associated with high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and even depression. This is accomplished through incremental lifestyle changes aimed at delivering a long term health impact. Approaching obesity with individualized goals helps our patients achieve positive health results and improved quality of life, significantly changing a patients overall health and well-being.

Calculated weight maintenance, affordable high quality weight loss products, and exceptional customer service has been our focus, making IRevive Health & Wellness stand out as a leading provider in the Nashville weight loss market. Through our medical weight loss program, patients have lost up to 25 lbs in their first month!

Call to schedule a complementary weight loss consultation today with one of our board certified medical weight loss experts.

IRevive Health & Wellness is the #1 provider of intravenous (IV) hydration in Nashville. IV hydration therapy provides relief from dehydration and symptoms commonly associated with alcohol consumption (hangovers), jet lag, illness, and strenuous physical activity. Our IV treatments are beneficial in relieving symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort, fatigue, headache, and nausea. Infusions include electrolyte fluid, specialized IV multivitamins, IV Glutathione (antioxidant), and IV medications to treat pain or nausea.

Visit our IV Hydration Therapy page to learn more about or hydration services.

IRevives specialized, highly experienced providers are offering Nashville skin and beauty services including: Botox, Kybella, and the Juvederm family of fillers. Transforming treatments using chemical peels and micro-needling, partnered with medical grade skincare products are also available. Our skin services aim to redefine undesirable wrinkles, crows feet, fine lines, facial asymmetry, acne, aging, dark pigmentation, redness, skin maintenance, skin damage prevention, and eye lash enhancement. Consultations with our Nashville skin care expert are 100% free and non-obligatory.

Interested in a free skin care consultation? Nashville Aesthetics at IRevive offers complementary evaluations with our skin care expert. Do not wait to start looking a feeling your best.

IRevive Health & Wellness is overseen by Dr Moses Swauncy, MD.

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IV Therapy | Weight Loss | Skin Care IRevive Health & Wellness

Keto Diet Weight Loss Plateau: What to Consider and How to …

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Oct 11 2018

When someone first begins a ketogenic diet, theres often a dramatic drop in weight. This is mostly water loss as the body lets go of the fluid its held onto from all those carbs. But after that, weight loss is likely to happen more slowly as you start losing actual fat. However, what do you do if the weight loss isnt happening as fast as youd likeor not at all?

A keto diet weight loss plateau can be frustrating, but its no reason to get discouraged or give up. In fact, there are some quick ways to troubleshoot a plateau and get yourself losing again in no time. But first, a note on weight loss plateauing:

As we noted above, the initial weight loss on a keto diet is often quick, so it can feel discouraging if the weight doesnt continue to come off that quickly. But, this is where patience is important.

Too much weight loss at once is not healthy. General recommendations are for 1-2 pounds a week, so you might be losing gradually, but youre still losing. And this can, in fact, be easier on your body. Even not losing anything for a week can be okay. Patience is a virtue in most situations, and this one is no exception.

However, if its been several weeks and the scale still isnt budging, read on for some reasons that might be getting in the way of weight loss.

The ketogenic diet is all about tracking. Here are some of the main areas youll want to look at when it comes to weight loss on keto:

A general rule of thumb is to start keto at 30 grams of carbs per day and adjust from there. It might be that you simply need to decrease your daily carbs limit. If you feel youve already done this but its not working, make sure youre avoiding any hidden carbs.

You might also try cutting out snacking, especially after dinner, as this can lead to an overabundance of calories throughout the day.

This is so important. Trying to lose weight on keto without checking your ketone levels will keep you in the dark. You cant simply adjust carb or protein amounts and wait to see if it feels right. In order to know if youre successful on keto, you must check often to ensure you are still in ketosis.

Thankfully, we have a full guide to testing your ketones here if you need some help with that.

While a ketogenic diet is often great at naturally controlling portions due to satiety, it is still possible to eat too many calories and affect ketosis. Not all calories are equal, but theres still such a thing as too many. For some people, this means counting can be beneficial for weight loss.

Determine the amount of calories you need per day for weight loss and also how many calories that means per macronutrient. And make sure youre tracking these basic metrics too.

Quality matters. Weve all seen the low-carb muffins, pancakes, and other treats that are really nothing more than junk. If weight isnt coming off, check to see if youre doing any of the following:

Just because something is high-fat or low-carb doesnt mean its a free-for-all on keto. Stick with whole foods ketogenic diet foods as much as possible and treat packaged foods and snacky recipes as what they are: occasional treats. Too many of these can prevent ketosis and lead to extra calories.

If you do this already and are still not losing the extra weight, try cutting out treat entirely and focus on how good it feels to eat clean, whole foods.

Yes, nuts can be a part of the ketogenic diet, but we have to watch how much of these foods we eat. They are not only calorie-dense but the carb counts can kick us out of ketosis in higher amounts.

When you do eat nuts, stick with higher-fat and lower-carb nut options like pecans, Brazil nuts, and macadamia nuts. See this article for more on keto nuts.

Fasting, especially intermittent fasting, can be very beneficial for weight loss on the ketogenic diet. Including periods of fasting helps you control overall caloric intake per day, nurture your metabolism, and give your body a break from digesting all day long. This can help with speeding up weight loss or breaking through a weight loss plateau.

Note that as you get closer to your target weight, the rate of weight loss will likely slow down. Thats because the deficit of energy needed for fat loss gets smaller as your weight goes down. It doesnt mean that you wont continue losing if you have weight to shed, but it might take longer to come off than at a higher weight.

When it comes to healthy weight loss, there are other factors to consider beyond just the food:

Weight can stall if we dont get enough sleep. Regular interruptions in sleep that affect our circadian rhythms can also affect health and weight loss. Plus, lack of sleep increases cravings in many people because our bodies are looking for additional sources of energy when we havent gotten enough rest.

Here are some ways to help:

Stress is so rampant in our modern world, but we dont have to let it control us. When stress is high, our bodies respond by making the hormone cortisol, which can increase fat storage and make it harder to lose weight.

Try incorporating more mind-body techniques into your life to help you cope with any stress or anxiety, such as meditating each day, not working on the weekends or taking some days off work if you can, getting regular exercise, and giving yourself fun things to look forward to each week.

If youve tried all of the above and still seem to be holding onto weight, speak with your primary practitioner. Its possible you could be dealing with deeper concerns like thyroid of adrenal issues. Getting to the core of the issues can not only help you reach your natural weight but also improve health overall.

As you can see, many factors can affect weight loss and contribute to the frustration of a plateau. The best place to start is with taking care of yourself in the best way you can, getting enough exercise, and eating whole, healthy low-carb ketogenic foods. From there, dont be afraid to try different things and also exercise a little patience. Big changes like this dont happen overnight, and thats okay.

Dr. Anthony Gustin is a board-certified sports chiropractor, functional medicine practitioner, entrepreneur, podcast host, and founder of Perfect Keto.

Over the last few years, he has treated thousands of patients with movement rehab, internal diagnostics, and natural interventions, including NFL, MLB and NBA champions. After growing his sports rehab and functional medicine clinics to six locations in San Francisco, he shifted his mission to help as many people as possible achieve optimal health and well-being.

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Keto Diet Weight Loss Plateau: What to Consider and How to ...

Weight Loss Clinics | Lose Weight Fast | Affordable Weight …

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Aug 13 2018

MedShape Weight Loss Clinics have treated Over 40,000 Patients Around The Country. First of all, when searching for Medical Weight Loss andweight loss programs, here is something to remember a lot of people are faced with weight problems, issues and struggles. Also, losing weight has never been very easy. As a result, building a healthier diet along with the right medical weight loss program, will help achieve your goal of a successful and fast weight loss.

At MedShape Weight Loss Clinic, we offer the best, most advanced ways of Weight Loss. Furthermore, we offer the newest methods and medication for a rapid, fast weight loss in the industry. Also you will find we believe in Affordable Weight Loss. Your budget should not turn you away from losing weight. For that reason, we are A truly proven medical Weight Loss Clinic with a solution to quick weight loss for our patients. All of our weight loss programs work towards reaching your long term Weight Loss goals. Its not just about losing weight but about learning to maintain the results you receive. In conclusion, new lifestyles and new habits is the ultimate reward.

With so many choices being given today in the different ways to lose weight, we understand it can be difficult to select the right weight loss program. Also we know this can be confusing. For that reason, MedShape has developed a wide range of weight loss choices for your weight loss available today. Due to all of the programs out there, we decided the best thing to do was take the guess work out of selecting which program would be right for you. We want and help guide your decision for the right choice in Weight Loss.

Whether you are interested in losing weight with Phentermine, prescription diet pills or other diet drugs, we can help. Also available are weight loss with hCG injections, diets with B12 injections for weight loss, Lipotropin Shots, Weight Loss Injections, Lipoplex, RM3, Anti Aaging, B complex drops to speed up the metabolism, diet supplements to stop hunger and cravings, the Military Diet, Low Carb Ketogenic Diet or maybe just nutritional counseling. All of this can teach you to keep your weight off long term. MedShape Weight Loss will personally design an affordable, custom diet plan that will fit the needs of your daily regime so you can have the best results.

When we start thinking about our daily regime, or in other words our daily lifestyle, one thing that probably comes to mind is convenience. We, at MedShape hear this all the time. I want to lose weight and go through a medically supervised weight loss program with doctors but my time is so limited. Also many of us travel for work, work long hours and more than likely it is hard to get into a medical weight loss clinic every week for medication or a counseling session. Sometimes just to stop by to pick up diet supplements can be hard! With flexibility in our clinic hours and staff, we can fix that for you and work around your schedule. In conclusion, to lose weight fast, we have to plan and work around your personal schedule.

Also, MedShape offers locations for your affordable weight loss success. Such as, weight loss centers in Chandler AZ, Weight Loss Clinic Mesa AZ, Weight loss location in Scottsdale AZ. Furthermore, Weight loss locations in Peoria AZ. We are pleased to have locations through out Arizona. As a matter of fact, we have made the convenience a necessity for our patients.To make it even more convenient, MedShape has Weight Loss Clinics in Maple Grove MN, Woodbury MN, Weight Loss Clinics in Eagan, MN. We s serve all of Minneapolis MN, Edina MN, St. Paul MN for weight loss services. Over the years MedShape has received and treated patients with successful weight loss results all over the United States. Affordable Weight Loss Solutions with all convenience.

MedShape has developed its National Weight Loss Program that offers the same benefits as if you lived right next door to a MedShape location. First of all, our Professional Health Counselors will meet weekly with you either by phone, in person or via Skype. In addition it has proven over again that your changes are much greater in losing weight and keeping weight off when you have a strong support system to assist you along the way. No matter where you live, MedShape is right around the corner to help you in your weight loss needs.

Besides our most popular diet programs, we offer weight loss plans with meal replacements. Along the line like Optimist or Medifast but for half the price. We believe strongly in keeping our programs affordable for everyone. Furthermore, our programs are so affordable. Some of our full weight loss programs start at just $20 per week! No contracts to sign! Believe it! A true pay as you go weight loss program. Check out more about our different programs here.

Areas that are vital to selecting the right plan for you is ensuring a strong, knowledgeable weight loss team. We need to stand behind you. We are happy to have some of the best and qualified Medical Weight Loss Team behind us. Together, you receive weight loss results and we receive satisfaction of being a part of making your life better! All of this done with affordable weight loss. Most of all, you dont have to break your pocketbook while getting the body you want and deserve.

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Weight Loss Clinics | Lose Weight Fast | Affordable Weight ...

Weight Loss Clinic – DietSpotlight

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Aug 01 2018

You read an advertisement for a nearby weight-loss clinic, and youre thinking about giving the program a try. Before jumping into this type of investment, it is important to do a little research. There are dangerous weight-loss clinics out there that offer up unrealistic weight-loss claims and methods that are not clinically proven to be safe or effective. We read and filtered information from medical journals, university studies and experts to give you the best chance at weight-loss.

A weight-loss clinic is a business that aims to help dieters lose more weight with counseling, diet and nutrition advice and, in some cases, supplements. The cost is often more at a weight-loss clinic than other self-guided programs, based on our weight-loss clinic reviews and customer experiences.

Even if the ad convinces you that this program is the one that will work for you, it is important to do a little groundwork before writing out that check.

Check With Your Healthcare Provider Ask questions about realistic weight-loss goals, how much is safe to lose each week, optimal weight and suggested an exercise that is both safe and effective.

Look Online for Reviews of the Weight-Loss Clinic There are bound to be others whove tried the program some with good experiences and others that are not so good. Read both to get a complete look at what you can expect.

Interview Employees at the Weight-Loss Clinic Just like finding a new doctor, it is important to ask questions before choosing a program. Remember, the person youre interviewing may have reason to tell you all the right things to sell the program. Ask for proof of success rates and average costs before signing anything. You also need to find out just how much time you need to spend at the clinic. If youre expected to visit two or three times a week, that may be unrealistic.

Employee Credentials During your interview, make sure to ask about who started the program, who currently supervises the weight-loss clinic and the credentialing process for the employees who help with your weight-loss journey. All of these pieces of information will be available from a trustworthy weight-loss clinic. This is something you wont find in most weight-loss clinic reviews.

There are some factors that affect the number of people who stick with programs at weight-loss clinics. According to the journal Obesity, Significant risk for dropout, measured as bivariate relative risk, was found among patients who were: females, divorced, African Americans, age 40 and ages 40 to 50.

This is a tough question. There are clearly some people who find success with weight-loss clinic programs and others that didnt reach expectations. Its interesting that the Annals of Internal Medicine found that weight-loss clinics were not what they cracked up to be, based on research. The evidence to support the use of the major commercial and self-help weight loss programs is suboptimal. Controlled trials are needed to assess the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of these interventions.

Cost is a huge factor with weight-loss clinics. The best way to look at the price is the price per pound. Jenny Craig, for instance, requires about $237.56 per pound for one-on-one weight loss support and specialized food products, according to ABC News. This is more than weight-loss surgery, in some cases.

The trouble with using this information to give you an idea about how much youre expected to pay is that many weight-loss clinics dont offer cost details until you come in for a consultation. Most consultations are free, so take advantage of the offer to find out the estimated price.

There are some popular weight-loss programs that come with group meetings and pre-packaged meals, but they are not necessarily more effective than diet and exercise. According to Duke Global Health Institute, two of the most popular are not that great. Average weight loss at one year ranged from 2.4 kg (about 5 pounds) for Weight Watchers to 7.4 kg (16 pounds) for Jenny Craig. While the costs for these programs are less than some weight-loss clinics, you may want to consider other options if youre only going to lose 5 pounds in a year.

You will find some weight-loss clinics that guarantee youll lose a set number of pounds, or more, in a certain timeframe. If you read the fine print, this guarantee may be null and void if you dont follow strict rules. Often you have to follow the program exactly without falling off the wagon, and you may have to purchase foods or supplements from the clinic. Weve found more than a few dieters whove complained about the lackluster guarantees in weight-loss clinic reviews.

Theres been a recent upswing in weight-loss clinics that use HCG supplements, or what they claim to be HCG, as a means of controlling hunger and targeting fat. HCG is not clinically proven to have any effect on weight-loss, and it is likely that the unhealthy, very low-calorie diet (often fewer than 800 calories per day) is the facilitator of weight-loss. The Jefferson City Medical Group puts it directly, Even IF drop formulations contained HCG; the protein molecule would pass into the stomach where it would be broken down into small peptides and amino acids by gastric acidjust like your dinner portion of chickenagain, no potential for biological action!

There are a few things to look for that can help you make an immediate decision about a weight-loss clinic.

Fasting or Very Low-Calorie Diets Fasting is not a safe means of losing weight, and neither is the very low-calorie diet (if youre not under the care of a physician). If this is the basis on which the weight-loss clinic is built, its not a safe option.

Cleansing or Detox The body naturally cleanses without taking supplements or eating specific foods. If you feel you need a good cleanse, try increasing fiber and water intake, and your body will work for you. According to the American Journal of Gastroenterology, moderate physical activity and increasing fiber intake are associated with substantial reduction in the prevalence of constipation.

Unrealistic Weight-Loss Promises The safe way to lose weight is to shed up to two pounds a week. The first week on any program often comes with higher weight-loss, but the average will even out the second week forward. If any weight-loss clinic promises youll lose any more than this, it may not be the safest option.

There are weight-loss clinics out there that can help dieters lose more weight, if only because of the check-in that is part of the program.

Taking the cost into consideration is just as important as researching the clinic and interviewing the employees and, if possible, the director.

Never choose a program that utilizes fads like fasting, HCG or very low-calorie diets.

Losing weight on your own may be a primary goal that you want to accomplish.

After all, achieving this goal can improve your health and well-being, and it can also help you to feel better about the way that you look.

Asking what are Quick Weight Loss Centers is an important first start that can get you on a path toward success.

With everything from the customization of a diet plan to the availability of Quick Weight Loss Center products and services designed for weight loss results, you will have all of the tools and resources necessary at your disposal.

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Investigating Medical Weight Loss Clinics | The Doctors TV Show

Weight Loss Clinics | Posted by admin
Jul 27 2018

When Leslie, a producer on The Doctors, visited several medical weight loss clinics in Los Angeles, she had a similar experience at each: She was in and out in a few minutes and left with a handful of pills, without meeting with a physician, having a physical exam or learning about the benefits of diet and exercise. She was told there was no limit to the number of pills she could get.

Were going to give you your pills, and the rest is up to you, Leslie says she was told at one of the clinics.

The report garners a strong reaction from ER physician Dr. Travis Stork.

When you told me about some of the things that were happening, I was pissed. I mean flat-out pissed, Dr. Travis says, adding, This is as upset as Ive been on this show.

The Doctors reveal that the pills Leslie was given include: Furosemide, a powerful diuretic, often prescribed to people with high blood pressure, which causes you to lose water weight and can upset the balance of your electrolytes. Phentermine, an amphetamine often used as an appetite suppressant, with potentially harmful side effects, including raising blood pressure, heart palpitations, sweating and angry outbursts. Metformin, a prescription drug used to treat diabetes or metabolic syndrome.

The scary thing is you have no clue where these pills are coming from, says plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon.

Leslie explains the clinics are allowed to operate as long as a doctor owns them, but the physicians are not required to be there or oversee treatment.

The doctors who own these particular clinics should be ashamed of themselves, because they are profiting off of peoples desire to lose weight, Dr. Travis says. Theres a healthy way to lose weight and an unhealthy way to lose weight.

Family physician Dr. Rachael Ross notes there are some legitimate weight loss clinics that offer doctor-assisted weight loss.

You have to be seeing a physician if youre going to take any medication for weight loss, she says.

Dr. Travis warns to avoid clinics where you walk in and within 30 seconds, they are handing you a bag of pills.

Go somewhere where you get a sit-down talk with a physician or a medical care provider who specializes in this, he says. They should go through a full history and physical. They should figure out what youve tried in the past that didnt work and figure out a personalized plan that works for you. Dont waste your money on these pill mills.


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